Monday, April 19, 2004

hey i have never done this before its kinda odd...lol im having fun sitting here trying to figure out wut the hell i should type. ok well i will start this with today. wow how intelligent am i.
today is...lets see today is monday the sumthin, and i of course had skool. Lets see....since i have absolutely nothin else to do right now i will go through my day very slowly for u. lets see....this morning i woke up at 5 and went downstairs to get a mountain dew for myself. (it was a little weird, but really nummy) anyhow, first hour i have...art. it was great, i drew a styalized (aka retarded) form of a stingray. tho its pretty bad, theres no way it can be as bad as danas...lol no offense dana! we all love you. ok second hour i had gym and i just walked in circles and got hit with a beachball. it was fun. next, i had health. i moved and sat behind dana and next to claire, franny, and andy. we had fun talkin, but then we all got in trouble and i had to move back. my second 'core' class is math and basically all i did in that class was get in trouble by ryan for 'flirting' with brian about math....it was so gay. hmmm.....
lets see now its time for my geo class! yay! i just luv scheidler. *sarcasm* he kinda scares me...a lot. i was so sited!!! we didnt have our GLQ today! he didnt get a comp lab! (GLQ is a retarded test to see how many countries we kno.) ok lets see next was lunch and it was really dumb but i had nummy pizza.
The last actual class i had was LA and it was boring, we watched a movie about racism and it was not that interesting cuz we like couldnt talk at all. anyhow after that all i had was flex and reading where we called schiedler different names in papiamentu. (the language in aruba) it was fun. ooooo but then, i got to ride home with tim(othy, hehe his mom called him that cuz he swore) and listen to him and his 'mum' talk. it is sooo awesome!!! i luv the accent! practice wus fun for awhile until me kakers and shelpy had to move to a faster lane, but it ended up being fine cuz there was some nice ppl in our lane. (hehe if ya kno wut i mean shelbs and kakers) but now i shall go, cuz there is nuthin else for me to say that i kno. except that i am dying and that it sux to like ppl so much it hurts. hehe buh bye.
lya guys!

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